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Areas of Expertise

Business & Securities Valuation
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  • Fraudulent Transfers – Evaluate transactions to determine whether or not reasonably equivalent value was exchanged and analyze the debtor's financial position at the time of the transfers based on the tests outlined in 548 of the Bankruptcy Code

  • Reorganization Value – Calculate reorganization value used in fresh start accounting, capital structure evaluation, and equity valuation

  • Feasibility Analysis – Evaluate and testify regarding the feasibility of the plan of reorganization

  • Securities Valuation – Determine the value of securities to be distributed as part of the plan of reorganization

  • Business Plans – Develop or evaluate the reasonableness of the cash flow projections and underlying assumptions of the business plan for the benefit of the debtor or its creditors

  • Cash Flow Projections – Assist the debtor or creditors in evaluating near term adequacy of cash by preparing 13-week cash flow projections

  • Best Interest of Creditors – Perform valuations to determine whether or not a plan meets the "Best Interest of Creditors" test

  • Liquidation Values – Prepare liquidation value and creditor recovery analysis

  • Adequate Protection Analysis – Evaluate whether or not collateral is sufficient to adequately protect creditors

  • Distressed Assets Valuation – Determine the value of distressed assets or businesses

  • Financial Document Review – Evaluate financial documents necessary to accurately calculate reclamation claims and preferences

Case Study:
DirecTV Latin America, a leading provider of digital direct-to-home satellite television entertainment in Latin America, was weighted down with over $2 billion of debt and significant fixed price contracts. Gary led the project of determining the reorganization value and liquidation value of DTVLA. Read more...
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