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  • A family built a furniture importing and distributing business from scratch. The business employed many family members, who were key employees. Company value was firmly connected to the family's relationships with Asian and European suppliers. To address a division of assets conflict in a marital dissolution, Gary was retained by both parties determine the appropriate value of the furniture business.

  • Three communications companies formed a joint venture to develop a wireless communications business. To resolve liquidity issues of certain joint venture participants, the business was divided into multiple parts and differences in value were to be settled with cash. Gary provided valuation consulting to the joint venture participants leading to amicable cash settlements between the joint venture parties.

  • Two owners of a mushroom distribution business encountered irreconcilable differences in their management styles and strategies. This resulted in the execution of the owners' buy-sell agreement requiring an independent valuation of the business. Gary provided valuation analyses to establish the price at which owners would buy and sell their respective interests in the business and in certain non-operating assets.

  • To address a division of assets dispute in a divorce, Gary provided valuation consulting regarding a business that owned and operated convalescent homes that led to a successful resolution to the dispute.

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